WordPress 3.2 development wrapping up and possibly dropping Monday


Peering into my crystal ball this morning, I divined a couple of truths about the current state of WordPress 3.2 development. Since you’re all very close, personal, and intimate friends of mine, I’ll share with you my findings:

  1. There are no longer any remaining tickets tied to the 3.2 milestone on the WordPress Trac.
  2. When I concentrate very hard, this Monday the 4th seems like the most likely day for a release.

You might have guessed by now that I’m not a magic gypsy. Fair point. In reality core developer Andrew Nacin mentioned both of these items on Twitter last evening. Regarding Monday, specifically, he said:

In the USA that could mean fireworks and open source goodness may coincide on Monday. So for just the Americans reading: don’t go blowing off that upgrading finger!

Is everyone ready for the next release of WordPress? What feature(s) are you most excited for?

10 thoughts on “WordPress 3.2 development wrapping up and possibly dropping Monday

    • Well, “they” is us. Since these projects are open source it’s our responsibility to pitch in on development. If something about BuddyPress needs to be finished, it’s all of our responsibility to do it, not just theirs.

    • BuddyPress is a plugin, and has completely different people leading and working on it than WordPress core, so 3.2 coming out has nothing to do with the BuddyPress development cycle.. The current lead of BP, John James Jacoby, has not been distracted by WordPress 3.2, but by the bbPress plugin (which also ties in with BuddyPress).

  1. So Ryan you really loved that Twitter oEmbed-like feature with that blackbird plugin didn’t you? Well it looks very cool, still hadn’t had my time to try that out, but I certainly will 😉

    As for WordPress 3.2, yeah, we’re all excited just like you, and most exciting is the new Twenty Eleven theme, although not that new anymore 😉 And as for the core, excited about the new admin layout of course, and I think people will love it.

      • I noticed something interesting about the Blackbird Pie plugin the other day. It adds a Twitter box to your User Profile page. It doesn’t do anything with the data, just lets you tell people what your twitter account is. I just thought that was neat.

  2. Hi.
    The new Twenty Eleven theme really looks great. The new Admin Layout also looks great.
    Speed and performance are the most important features for me.
    So lets hope that Ryans crystal ball isn´t out of order.
    Kind regards,

  3. Hi again.
    So your crystal ball was damn right. WordPress 3.2 is out and i can´t await the german version.
    Greetings to your crystal ball. 🙂
    Kind regards,

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