WordPress 3.2 “Gershwin” is ready for your loving embrace


After four months of development on WordPress 3.2, nicknamed Gershwin, it is now ready to be downloaded. Have at it!

We’ve been covering the development of WordPress 3.2 pretty closely, so it shouldn’t be much of a mystery to you by now. Just to recap, the mile-high features for 3.2 are:

  • Speed enhancements throughout: “faster and lighter”
  • User interface redesign
  • Distraction Free Writing
  • Twenty Eleven, the new default theme
  • End of support for Internet Explorer 6 and the launch of the Browse Happy initiative
  • New requirement for PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5

Be sure to check out the version release video just after the jump as well.

We’ll have a full, in depth feature review coming soon. In the meantime, go get your download on.

So who’s busy updating their sites today? Who doesn’t love an exciting new release of WordPress, am I right?

6 thoughts on “WordPress 3.2 “Gershwin” is ready for your loving embrace

    • Shirley, why? Give us a heads up. Perhaps I’m missing something? I’m enjoying it so far.
      (Mods, I think I marked Shirley’s comment as a thumbs up by mistake.)

      • Hey Scott,

        I updated on two sites same server.
        One site updated no problems. The other site is is brand new. No content . No plug ins
        At first everything seemed fine…about 30 mins later the visual editor vanished! Can’t create post none of the buttons show up. I did a re-install..still nothing….I’m not a techie person so I’m frustrated trying to figure out what’s wrong. If you visit the WordPress.org forum you will find a lot of “visual editor” missing problems. I did try different browsers…still nothing. I used the “inspect element” feature on Chrome..I found that the “Images” in the Admin folder do not show up …I used the “inspect element” on my other site and the images show up fine.

        But thank you for asking…it’s appreciated

        • Hmm…that’s good to know. I upgraded without a hitch so far. That’s only one of my sites, though, and I have maybe 6 more to go 🙂 Two or three different servers, most of them are on one server. I’ll take a look at the boards. Thanks 🙂

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