WordPress 3.2 crosses the 9 million download mark

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WordPress 3.2, or “Gershwin”, was released just 92 days ago on July 4, 2011. As of today the WordPress download counter shows that version 3.2 has seen over nine million downloads, which comes to approximately 97,800 downloads each day.

That’s a bunch.

After each new major WordPress release the download counter is reset to zero, in order to count the downloads of the next version. Of course you too can track the WordPress download count on WordPress.org anytime you want.

The last version, WordPress 3.1, was downloaded just over 15 million times during its four month release. Do you think WordPress 3.2 will see more downloads than 3.1 by the time 3.3 is released?

One thought on “WordPress 3.2 crosses the 9 million download mark

  1. 3.3 will be released within two months. At least, that’s what I expect. So my answer would be: no.
    And I didn’t use my calculator 😉

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