Ladies and gents, WordPress 3.1 is now available


The news came from Matt Mullenweg on the WordPress development blog just a few minutes ago this morning: WordPress 3.1 is now available. Just so you know you aren’t still asleep and dreaming: Yes, WordPress 3.1 is now available. Believe it! And then go download it.

Called “Reinhardt” and “named in honor of the jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt”, the new release of WordPress brings a number of fun updates: internal linking, post formats, custom post type archives, the new admin bar and super admin dashboard, just to name a few. Rather than cram everything new into a bulky list here, we’ve compiled a fun review of the new stuff in a post of its own.

As pointed out by Andrew Nacin on Twitter late last evening, WordPress 3.0 was downloaded just over 34 million times. Will 3.1 see 40 million downloads?

Oh yeah, and we should probably give away some swag now, right?

3 thoughts on “Ladies and gents, WordPress 3.1 is now available

  1. Isn’t it “Django”, rather than “Reinhardt”?

    At least, that’s what Matt’s release email said…

    Who cares, really; I’m just excited it’s finally been released!

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