WordPress 3.1 downloaded over 300,000 times in first 24 hours


It’s never bad to keep a watchful eye on the WordPress download counter. Well, unless your mind attempts to make sense of the numbers, visualizing the average of four downloads every second, and you get a headache. Just in that case, it would be bad.

WordPress 3.1 was released yesterday morning, and by the time 24 hours had passed, WordPress 3.1 had been downloaded over 300,000 times. For the number lovers among you, that’s approximately 12,500 per hour, 208 every minute, or around 4 every second.

There goes four more.

And four more.

And four more.

At this point the counter itself is on its way to half a million, less than 36 hours after the release. Feel free to admit your own obsessive watching of the download counter in the comments below.

Oh, and then there’s this:

11 thoughts on “WordPress 3.1 downloaded over 300,000 times in first 24 hours

  1. Just wondering, is the counter strictly for downloads from the website? What about automatic upgrades, installations/updates through Fantastic or Subversion etc?

    • SVN downloads don’t count. Automatic upgrades do, since they are downloading the ZIP file the same as if you downloaded it yourself.

        • That’s just how it is. The download counter is hooked to the ZIP file download on the website. I’m not even sure how one would count SVN activity. I mean, if I do an SVN switch to the 3.1 branch and then svn up it, how does that count as a download, since they only got the changed files? Do we count only, say, downloading of the readme.html or something? It’s a tricky proposition, really. And I’m not even sure if SVN keeps stats on that sort of thing by default.

  2. I’m a tad annoyed with this latest version. The creators have assumed EVERYone has a widescreen monitor and now, in the admin access, the Posts dates become wrapped on an old-fashion, regular monitor. Was NOT impressed at all with this latest version because of this. Any idea who I can grumble to who’ll listen?

    • It looks fine in a 4:3 configuration to me, unless you bump up the font size. Anyway, there’s a lot of information on that screen. You can also use the Screen Options dropdown to remove some of the columns you don’t need, giving more real estate for them to expand into.

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