WordPress 3.1 was downloaded over 15 million times in just over four months

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WordPress 3.2 will likely be released today, which makes the beloved 3.1, version, or Django Reinhardt, very nearly old hat. Out with the old and in with the new, they say. In this case the old going out will include over 15,000,000 individual downloads during its time. I’m fond of saying it so I’ll say it again: that’s a lot of Hello Worlds.

According to the lab coats in WPCandy Labs—in other words my napkin math—that amounts to approximately 113,000 downloads of WordPress 3.1 every day, or around one every second. That’s a huge amount, though is just around half of the more than 30,000,000 downloads 3.0 received during its time on the front lines.

The WordPress download counter counts each request for the WordPress zip file download. This includes automatic updates, since it downloads the file to update. Updates via subversion are not counted.

Over 15 million downloads are confirmed, but we’ll keep an eye on the download counter to try and get a final number before the counter is rest for  the inevitable release of 3.2. Speaking of which, is now the right time to start taking bets for the total download count we should expect for WordPress 3.2? Any guesses for the first 24 hours?

One thought on “WordPress 3.1 was downloaded over 15 million times in just over four months

  1. 24 hours, huh? My bet is 300-350K times, I might be wrong, but it seems that not too many people are excited about 3.2 as they were about 3.0 and 3.1, besides, they’re 4 days late according to the initial schedule. Launching today would be cool, like 4th of July and everything, but the fact is that people are on holiday, so they’ll probably update tomorrow or the day after 😉

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