WordPress 3.1 behind, release in 2010 “unlikely”


Do you remember that one Christmas when you really wanted that one thing—maybe it was a Millennium Falcon, an NES, or Easy Bake Oven—and opened up everything on Christmas morning to find not that? Maybe you unwrapped books or something, but the point is exactly what you wanted wasn’t waiting for you. Disappointing, right? Imagine how much more disappointing it would be if your mom parents sat you down two days prior to Christmas to let you know you could stop hoping. Way worse, right?

This morning on the WordPress development blog, Jane Wells dropped the news that 3.1 will probably not be out yet this year. There are 11 tickets outstanding, and fewer contributors than with 3.0:

I know it’s the holidays, so people are busy, but it also means people are taking time off work and hanging around killing time in a lot of cases, so if everyone could pitch in and test the crap out of things, that would be great… It’s easy to leave it all to @nacin since he’s fast and everything, but we really need more people trying to break things…

Of course this isn’t your 10 year old self’s Christmas. Just like how now you can buy your own Easy Bake Oven, you can do something about this. Jump onto trac and start testing.  If you’re capable, submit a patch or two.

In one way or another, will you have time to spend with WordPress this holiday season?

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