WordPress 2.6 Released


The WordPress crew has just released the latest and greatest edition of WordPress, version 2.6, today. This release, named ‘Tyner’, brings even more fantastic features to our favorite open-source blogging platform, with some of the bigger features including:

  • Word count display below Save and Publish buttons
  • Theme pagination and a hot live preview feature
  • The number of plugin updates available is now shown in the Plugins tab
  • Ability to change the location of the wp-config.php file
  • Multiple plugin activate/deactivate; improved sorting
  • Admin page caching for faster speeds
  • Improved galleries
  • “Press This” bookmarklet for quick posting from anywhere on the web via your toolbar
  • Post revisioning
  • Drag-and-drop gallery sorting
  • Multiple checkbox selection (on Manage pages) using shift+click

The WordPress team has obviously been working hard to get this release out, and we thank them for all their efforts. You can download the latest version of WordPress from WordPress.org. You can also get the full skinny on version 2.6 from the WordPress Development Blog. Happy blogging!

12 thoughts on “WordPress 2.6 Released

  1. Did this release fix the need for writing a mod_security entry for the image uploader? I’m excited to test this out tomorrow, but tonight it’s late. Thanks for all the good work, WordPress team!

  2. yeah, same here: seems like it is not yet “through” to everyone.
    My svn install alerted me, while my ordinary install elsewhere did crap at all 😉

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  4. Had the same problem with Pasquale.. the auto upgrade plugin tend to fail after the database upgrade. At that phase the WP files have been upgraded so everything’s fine, it’s just that I had to reactivate the plugin manually. Still better than doing *everything* manually, though.

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  6. I’m having serious issues getting my WP install updated. Whenever I try to upgrade to 2.6 locally, my homepage ends up blank. The admin section works fine in 2.6, but the homepage is blank. Kinda frustrating. Guess I’ll just wait for 2.6.1.

  7. I did a live upgrade using Fantastico through my hosting service, and just like Ti above, ended up with a blank page. Anyone has an actual solution to that yet?



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