WordPress 2.3 Approaches

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Waiting in Line

It was earlier this year that Matt announced the new regular updating schedule for WordPress. And now, on Monday, WordPress 2.3 will be released and I’m anticipating a good number of cheers from the stands—and maybe a jeer or two from the sidelines.

What I’m Looking Forward To

There are a good number of features being added with this update that get me excited.

  • Update Notifications
    This is just nice. For both versions of WordPress and Plugins, a notification will now pop up any time an update is available. I appreciate the usefulness of this, to an extent, but part of me is dreading this as well. On the one hand it’s great that it’s now available, seeing as how many probably don’t update their versions of WordPress because they don’t realize they should. At the same time, I can see a number of my clients contacting me even more than they do already, wanting their version of WordPress updated, even if they may not need to.
  • Automatically Fixing URLs with Redirection
    I can’t claim having a lot of problems with this one, but I like that it’ apparently fixed. Basically WordPress will not automatically forward all links sent to your URL without the www to your address with www added. In short, this makes WordPress that much more SEO.
  • Draft Workflow Improvements
    Actually, can I double bold this one? It deserves it. The current system for user permissions is pretty good with WordPress. On Monday it improves by adding not only a smoother system for keeping up with drafts, but a real slick method for checking up on posts that need to be given the virtual thumbs up before they hit the web. I’ll be grabbing that for the church that I work at right away. Perfect!

Not too shabby, right? I think the developers behind WordPress deserve a nice big round of applause.


Maybe A Jeer or Two…

It’s not much at all. But I’m really not too thrilled about the following.

  • Tags
    Yeah, I know. The pride and joy of this WordPress update. I guess maybe I would be more appreciative if I understand the purpose. Is it organizing content? I thought categories were for that. What other need is there? If someone can answer this for me, I’ll strike these comments right away. Until then, I see it as a silly addition.
  • Pluggable Dashboard
    Again, this one feels like bending to the will of the people. And there is nothing wrong with bending to wills, as long as the will has a good idea. With some of these WordPress issues, it seems like since there is very little to complain about, users have to find something. Complaining about the Dashboard must be on that list, and now anyone can control it. Are we going to see Myspace taking over the WordPress Dash’?

See how much shorter my jeers list is? See, that proves it. I am excited for the new release.

For more WordPress goodness, head over to Lorelle’s place or Aaron Brazell’s blog Technosailor for a look at more news about the release of WordPress 2.3. And don’t forget to check back here next week for walkthroughs of new techniques and updates as the community rolls into it’s new digs.