WordPreh launches to poke fun at the WordPress community


Dougal Campbell, one of the original WordPress developers, has this week launched a new WordPress parody site called WordPreh. Following in the style of Drupal humor site Drupleh, WordPreh links to real WordPress tweets and posts with slanted, humorous headlines.

Campbell describes the site on their about page:

WordPreh is your daily dose of WordPress-related ‘WTF?’. The intent here is to be snarky without being hurtful. To be funny without being jerks. To poke fun at ourselves, not others. It’s a fine line, and we might be clumsy from time-to-time. If you see something that you think crosses that line, let us know, and we’ll put our crack team of article reviewers on it right away. Or maybe we’ll sit around eating cookies. But either way, rest assured that we’re doing something!

For a taste, take a look at some of the recent headlines:

  • Study proves popular plugin causes memory loss!
  • Plugin makes it easier to manage your porn collection
  • Please step through this body scanner while we snicker
  • Capital Q dangit!
  • WP rap poised to hit Billboard charts

We all need a little more humor in our lives, right?

You can follow WordPreh on Twitter as well at @wordpreh.

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  1. Technically, we haven’t fully launched yet. I still have some work to do on the website theme, and it’s currently blocking search engine indexing. I also want to conscript a couple more lackeys volunteers. But thanks for the early mention!

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