WordCamp Seattle 2011 tickets discounted due to generous sponsors


Hey, remember WordCamp Seattle? We told you about it just the other day. It turns out that due to generous sponsors the event is now only $30, compared to the previous $40. So if your trip to Seattle was being held back due to that $10 (and you know who you are) you’re in luck.

Student tickets are now available as well, for $25. The only thing better than attending a WordCamp is doing so while saving money, amirite?

3 thoughts on “WordCamp Seattle 2011 tickets discounted due to generous sponsors

    • Nice rogue comment. If you took at look at the Eventbrite page, you’d see a number of people have signed up. Not to mention that our company is one of the ones who are sponsoring WC Seattle.

    • If you look at our sponsors list, you’ll see we have one “Ultra” sponsor and six “Premium” sponsors. Their generosity is what enabled us to drop the ticket price.

      Yes, we do have a number of tickets available for sale still. I hope people will take advantage of the lower ticket price to attend the event and hear great speakers like Scott Berkun, Andrew Nacin, and Alex King.

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