WordCamp San Francisco sold out at 1,000 attendees, full schedule released


WordCamp San Francisco sold out last weekend, just a week away from the event. Over 1,000 people are registered to attend over the three day event. All advance tickets for the event are sold out, which means the only way to be sure you get a ticket is to either become a sponsor or join their mini trade show.

Walk in tickets for the main event (Mission Bay) will be available at the for for $30/day or $65 for a three day pass, but the availability of these tickets isn’t guaranteed.

In addition to the ticket sales, the organizers are looking into setting up a paid live stream for the WordCamp. Prices aren’t yet clear, but those who pay will be able to watch the sessions live and ask questions via the chat. Any livestrem ticket holders will be mailed a t-shirt for the event as well.

The full schedule for the event has been published as well, with times and information on both tracks available for all three days.

Were you one of the lucky 1,000 to be able to attend the big event this week? What presentations are you most looking forward to?

5 thoughts on “WordCamp San Francisco sold out at 1,000 attendees, full schedule released

  1. I’m excited to learn more in depth development this year. I’m looking forward to Mark’s Talk on Servers and Scalability, the Otto and Nacin Show, and Building Custom CMS Apps. Strangely, the other two days had less exciting topics for me, though still some interesting ones. I have several slots marked on my tentative plans with “mingle or genius bar”.

  2. Wish i could 🙁 Would be looking forward to follow this event via twitter or for videos if posted by anyone.
    As this would help me a lot to start my new project.

    • You can be sure WPCandy will be running a liveblog Vivek, so hopefully that helps a bit :). All of the presentation videos will eventually find their way online at WordPress.tv, as well as our videos section here.

    • I think they are going to have it set up where you can pay a small fee and have access to the live streams. Would be a great way to learn – tune in live!

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