WordCamp San Diego tickets available and going quick


Earlier on today, literally hours ago, tickets for WordCamp San Diego (on March 24th and 25th) went on sale. Now if you’re not quick, then you’re going to be disappointed and (possibly) miss out completely. They started off with 200 tickets, and at the time of writing this only 40 tickets remain!

So I suggest you stop reading, go order you ticket(s), and then come back. Sound cool?

Right, got them? Good. Let’s continue.

Once you’ve got your tickets, you’ll need somewhere to stay. Lucky for you, the organisers highlighted six different hotels you can book your stay. Check the various options out if you’re stuck.

Unlike last years event, they’ve moved the venue to Thomas Jefferson School of Law. WordCamp San Diego is still a month away, but it’s looking to be yet another sell-out event. If we hear about the release of any additional tickets, you’ll be the first to find out!

So, did you act quick? Are you attending WordCamp San Diego this year around?

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