WordCamp San Diego will be streamed live, Mullenweg to run a town hall


WordCamp San Diego is just a handful of hours away, and there’s more exciting news coming in. First of all, and most useful for those of us who will be camping out at home rather than San Diego this weekend, the event’s two tracks will be streamed live via two Ustream channels throughout the day.

Those who will be home can join in the fun from the live WordCamp San Diego page (chat room included).

On top of that, the organizers also announced this week that Automattic’s Chief BBQ Taste Tester and WordPress project lead Matt Mullenweg will be appearing at WordCamp San Diego in order to taste bbq run a town hall, similar to his session at last weekend’s Montreal event. Questions for Matt can be posted in the comments of the post on the San Diego blog, via Twitter, or really really loudly (depending on where you live).

Will you be attending San Diego’s event this weekend, or will be joining the rest of us camping out on their stream?

Also: is anyone who will be attending interested in contributing to the WPCandy liveblog the day of the even? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Hey guys,
    What kind stuff are you looking for as far as liveblog contributions? Shoot me an email with the details, I might be able to help out a bit.

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