WordCamp Portsmouth UK early bird tickets available through this week


WordCamp Portsmouth UK is coming up in mid-July, and at the end of this week the early bird price ends (£35, £10 cheaper than the regular price). Portsmouth is a two day conference with three tracks, which follow the typical WordCamp form: a general/intermediate track, a beginner’s track, and an advanced/developer track. You can find the whole track listing on the WordCamp Portsmouth UK wiki.

According to one of the organizers Jonny Allbut, ticket sales so far have been great:

Ticket sales have been going well – with just over half the tickets now sold or allocated to sponsors in just over a week of them going on-sale. Don’t miss out on your early-bird ticket – buy early and get your place secured for just £35 for the entire weekend. Early bird ticket sales close midday Friday 3rd of June. With attendances steadily rising each year, we would not be surprised if we sold out, so don’t forget!

This will be the fourth year that a WordCamp has taken place at Portsmouth UK, this year at the University of Portsmouth on the southern coast of England. Whether you’ve been to a WordCamp before or not, you have to admit there are plenty of worse places to attend a WordCamp. Who’s planning on attending?

4 thoughts on “WordCamp Portsmouth UK early bird tickets available through this week

  1. Hi Ryan – thanks for featuring the UK WordCamp, we are just trying to let as many people know about the event as possible (you don’t have to live in the UK to come to our WordCamp – all are welcome if you can make it!)

    One thing that I just wanted to clarify is that the WordCamp conference in the UK is organised by a small group of volunteers – we formalised the committee a couple of years ago to ensure the future of the conference and financial aspects (Mike Little is our treasurer!). We each do our bit, there is no way I could organise it on my own as we all volunteer our time for free;)

  2. Hey – cool… I didn’t even know about WordCamp in the UK thanks for letting me know I’m getting a ticket!

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