WordCamp Phoenix tickets are now available

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WordCamp Phoenix is coming up. This year’s happens February 24-26, which is just two months away! And now tickets are available. While no specific schedules are up yet, there is information on what you can expect for each day. Friday will see the return of “full day” classes. These will take you through all levels of WordPress. If you’re interested, make sure you pick up a ticket early because you have to register for classes separately.

Saturday is the main day, with multiple tracks to choose from. Some of the topics you can expect are WordPress 101, multisite, scalability, and responsive design principles. Along with those, and more, there will be unconference areas, a genius bar and many gathering areas. Sunday will usher in the development and hack day.

Tickets for this year will run you only $35. If you’re interested in classes, make sure you get your ticket fast. As always, more information is, and will be, available on the WordCamp Phoenix site.

What WordCamp are you looking forward to the most in 2012? Why?