WordCamp Phoenix 2012 will depend on new organizers stepping up


WordCamp Phoenix, which WPCandy covered to a large extent at the beginning of the year, currently has no organizers for 2012. Last year’s lead organizers were Chuck Reynolds and Amanda Blum (see our interview with them). According to each of them on Twitter they won’t be organizing next year’s event.

That means that in order for a WordCamp to happen in Phoenix, Arizona in 2012, new organizers will need to step up. There is currently a strong WordPress meetup group in the Phoenix area (well over 200 participants), so it’s certainly conceivable that interested folks would step up and take it over.

Did you attend WordCamp Phoenix in 2011? Did you enjoy yourself enough to consider taking the dive and volunteering to organize the next event?

8 thoughts on “WordCamp Phoenix 2012 will depend on new organizers stepping up

  1. This seems to be a growing trend amongst WordCamp Organizers. I don’t know if it’s the time involved to organize a successful event or the overseeing eyes of WordCamp.org becoming too much.

    I have a feeling it’s a little of both. Either way I hope the trend stops because so many awesome WordCamps are losing the amazing organizers that made them happen.

  2. It’s not the difficulty of event organization, it’s the heaps of shit that is thrown at organizers from the vocal minority of people upset when something doesn’t go their way.
    Also, outside groups wanting the same level of access as everyone else.

    The BEST way to solve this is within the attendees themselves. They MUST not look at these events as put on by someone, but rather as a group effort that everyone is responsible for. If we’re all in charge, we’re all responsible for our success.

  3. WordCamp Phoenix 2011 was a great event. Marketing Press & TMC Interactive can help out with the event but being one of the primary organizers seems like too big of a task.

    We have a strong WordPress community here in AZ with people interested in putting on a premier WordCamp event. I’m sure it will be in good hands.

  4. To be clear- my personal motivation for moving on from WordCamps Phoenix and Boston is a combination of factors including my increasingly limited presence in either location (I’m a resident of PDX now) and my concern over the homogenization and lack of independence in organizing WordCamps (though there are aspects of the “rules” that I understand, despite my dislike of them). Though to be fair, I’m almost certain the consistent threat of financial and (we’re not sure, but possible) civil punishment thanks to a few rotten apples unhappy with the effort put out by the volunteers(mostly me) has kept Chuck and I far too busy piddling ourselves to have time to accommodate another effort. For all the grief the “rules” get, they will hopefully inoculate future organizers from this liability.

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