WordCamp Phoenix 2012 could be happening on February 25


Don’t mistake it for gibberish, because according to the rather cryptic tweet you see above the next WordCamp Phoenix could be happening on February 25, 2010. I mean, assuming it’s not gibberish. The tweet is from Amanda Blum, one of the organizers of 2011’s WordCamp Phoenix event.

Last we heard, WordCamp Phoenix was only going to happen again if new organizers stepped up to the plate. This year’s organizers Blum and Chuck Reynolds have each stated they will not be involved in organizing WordCamp Phoenix in the foreseeable future.

A firm date isn’t listed on WordCamp Central yet, so don’t go booking those non-refundable flights yet. We’ll be in touch with the new organizers soon to get some more information. And here’s to hoping it does happen — last year’s event was a lot of fun.

5 thoughts on “WordCamp Phoenix 2012 could be happening on February 25

  1. Gibberish it is! Attended last years wordcamp! It was really a lifetime experience! Hope the new organizers will take the event to a new height! Keeping fingers crossed!

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