WordCamp Phoenix goodie bags so attendees can “skip the minibar”


Attendees at WordCamp Phoenix this weekend were greeted with a fun goodie bag of sorts, containing an assortment of items available from venus local to Phoenix. “Continuing our commitment to community,” organizer Amanda Blum said, “we only wanted products that people could then order once they were home.”

And order you can. The bag contained:

  • Two bottles of water from Sprout’s Farmers Market,
  • Two walnut brownies from Fairytale Brownies,
  • Two small cans of Goofy String (which the can says is a GREAT VALUE!),
  • Two sleeves of Lemonheads,
  • a bag of PopChips Salt & Pepper Potato (which was tasty),
  • and a business card for Co+Hoots, a coworking space providing space for the event this weekend.

A slip of paper included with the bag read, in part:

We wanted you to enjoy your stay, and be able to skip the minibar, so please enjoy these snacks from us, the organizers, and local companies we think you should try like PopChips and Fairytale Brownies. If you like them, remember you can order them online later.

I have to say, the chips were welcome when I arrived in Phoenix last night around 11:30. See the loot in our gallery below.

WordCamp Phoenix 2011 goodie bag gallery

Along with the healthy snacks, WordCamp Phoenix provided airline and lodging to their speakers, which is pretty unique for a WordCamp event. That sort of speaker support is typically reserved for larger events. Do you think this sort of thing will become more common as the use of WordPress spreads and more are drawn toward WordCamps? Will bigger equal better in this case?

One thing I can tell you, though: this Goofy String stuff tastes like crap.

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  1. Fairytale brownie looks like carbocide. Look forward to seeing all the slide decks and other goodies, any site going to be showing video replays of the presentations?

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