WordCamp Philly presentations start popping up online


If you weren’t able to make it to WordCamp Philadelphia, or just want to go through the presentations again, the organizers and presenters have begun making the slideshows available. If you’re interested head over to their SlideShare group and let the learning begin.

The organizers also had a lot of requests to make a Joind.in siteĀ for people that want to leave creative and constructive feedback for the speakers. So, like the cool people they are, they did that.

If you were at WordCamp Philly this year, what was the best presentation you saw? And not to leave the others out, if you weren’t at Philly what’s the best presentation you’ve seen in a while?

3 thoughts on “WordCamp Philly presentations start popping up online

  1. WordCamp Philly was awesome! I had only been to the Minneapolis WordCamp and have started attending the NYC user group meetings over the last few months. I was blown away by the level of talent of the presenters. There were many that were very good but the one that really turned me on to some new ideas was Ben Metcalfe (@dotben). He is one of the founders of WordCamp Philly’s primary host WPengine.com. The guy that turned me on to Ben was Charlie Patel from Gabfire Themes and you can check out his write up of the presentation here: http://bit.ly/t5wOIU Lots of great stuff!

    I only went to see Ben’s talk because one of the guys I met during the conference tipped me that he knew what he was talking about. Ben’s talk was on WordPress Optimization. I guess the old saying is true, “You don’t know, what you don’t know!” Ben really opened my eyes to some new ideas I hadn’t even really scratched the surface on. I wish I could send a link to the presentation but it wasn’t recorded. I didn’t have a ticket to the developer day because it was sold out. Since WPengine was a sponsor they had 5 tickets and hadn’t used them all so Ben let my girlfriend and I use them. I got to talking with him on Sunday and that is when he told me they hadn’t recorded it. What happened was, he used his sponsor allotted time to present on WordPress optimizations. He didn’t plug his company at all, on the contrary, he told people he didn’t want to talk about his company and wanted to talk about things anyone can do to make their sites run more efficiently. Just wanted to share that story because it’s guys like Ben that make the WP community what it is.

    I also loved the presentations by Andrew Nacin (@nacin) and Brad Williams (@williamsbp), but those are the easy choices and I’m sure those are available online.

  2. Au contraire. I have the memory card with Ben’s talk on it in my laptop bag. I haven’t reviewed it for clarity but it will go up on wordpress.tv as soon as we can get it there.

    • Awesome! I guess Ben thought it was missed. Did you record all the demos? It was hard to get to those because there were so many other great classes going on at the same time. Great job all around!

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