WordCamp NYC accepting sponsorships, in a clever way

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Jane Wells has announced on the WordCamp NYC blog that they are now accepting sponsorships. This year, instead of set dollar amounts and the typical bronze/silver/gold levels, sponsorships can be made according to New York City building and bridge heights.

Just as we think of money as an event foundation, we think of buildings and bridges as the foundation of New York City’s structure and personality. This year, you can choose your own sponsorship $ amount by choosing the height of one of NYC’s buildings or bridges.

Examples include the Chrysler Building at 1,046 feet (or $1,046), the United Nations building at 505 feet ($505 dollars) and the Brooklyn Bridge at 276 feet (or $276).

Anyone interested in sponsoring should leave a comment on the WordCamp NYC blog post with the name of the landmark and the height and dollar amount. A number of sponsorships have already been made, including Copyblogger Media which has taken One World Trade Center at $1,776.

WordCamp NYC takes place the weekend of October 16, and you can follow the event on Twitter @wordcampnyc.

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