WordCamp Netherlands delayed until Spring


There’s some bad news coming out of the Netherlands for those of you that planned on attending WordCamp Netherlands. The organizers have run into some issues booking a venue and have had to delay the event. As a result, WordCamp Netherlands 2011 has be moved to Spring 2012.

No official date has been released yet but make sure to watch the WordCamp Netherlands site for more information. We don’t know the date yet, but who’s planning on attending when we do?

3 thoughts on “WordCamp Netherlands delayed until Spring

  1. Look Mom, I’m on WPCandy 🙂

    We are really bummed out we couldn’t make the dates we were shooting for, but alas.. it didn’t work out as planned. On the other hand, postponing is a few months gives you guys overseas an chance to find a way to come over here. Rumor has it we had the best European WordCamp in 2010 😉

  2. I can confirm.. WordCamp 2010 was mind blowingly awesome.. Especially the BuddyPress talk.. Ow wait.. that was me 😀

    Seriously though.. I hope to see a even better 2011 edition, and can’t wait to go there again. I’m going to be talking my theme development solution called Infinity, so at least I can get in for free.. And you know how important that is for us, Dutchies 😉

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