WordCamp Las Vegas needs help to happen in 2011


The organizers of WordCamp Las Vegas have posted a call for help on their site. The message, signed by John Hawkins, says that due to their extremely busy schedules they won’t be able to fulfill their usual roles as the organizers for the event in 2011. The callout is looking for new organizers to make this year’s event happen.

Anyone interested should see their message and get in touch with them.

Hey WordCamp organizers, I’m curious. How do you manage to balance your careers, responsibilities, and social life while also organizing a WordCamp? Do you have any advice for aspiring organizers—or those looking for a better way to balance the two?

4 thoughts on “WordCamp Las Vegas needs help to happen in 2011

  1. I’m a WordCamp organiser for WordCamp Gold Coast along with Dion Hulse, Brent Shepherd and Lachlan MacPherson. We’re just in the process of finalising the ticketing system for the event 🙂

    We’ve been able to find the time to organise it so far by logging all our activities and tasks for the event in Basecamp and commenting in there at any given time of day or night…pretty much when any of us get a task done or need some feedback. I think if we were organising this via email to each other it would be much harder for us to manage as contexts of conversations wouldn’t be easy to follow.

    A few group Skype conversations and phonecalls have been benefical for us as well. Because we’re in Australia and we don’t have many WordCamps as yet we have to plan well in advance seeing people coming from different states and around the world have great distances to travel…plus our population is much smaller than the States so rallying up the WordCampers and sponsors is going to take much longer!

    • Interesting, thanks for the feedback. Have you found yourselves wishing for any particular WordCamp/community resources that would help you guys put this Gold Coast together?

      • When we first started toying with the idea we were feeling a little lost about what we could and couldn’t do, tips and ideas etc but when they did an overhaul of http://plan.wordcamp.org/ we got up to speed very quickly! That sites now an excellent resource for all WordCamp organisers. Before the overhaul it was definitely lacking info!

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