WordCamp is coming to St. Louis on August 6th


A number of confirmations and callouts for WordCamp St. Louis 2011 have popped up in the last week. Firstly, and most importantly, its date has been confirmed as August 6th as a one day conference event. Both speakers, supporters, and sponsors are needed.

Early bird and microsponsor tickets are both available, $20 for the former and $100 for the latter. Their first sponsor as well as the venue location is Maryville University (pictured above).

So who will be attending WordCamp this year in the Gateway City? Will it be your first WordCamp?

4 thoughts on “WordCamp is coming to St. Louis on August 6th

  1. I want to go as it’s only like 4 hours drive away, but I’m not sure I can do three WordCamps over three consecutive weekends. My brain might melt.

  2. I’ll be there… er, I mean, here. 🙂

    I already put in a speaker proposal (and bought an early bird ticket, just for good measure). I’m looking forward to meeting my fellow Saint Louisan WordPressers!

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