WordCamp Indonesia 2012 will be January 21-22 in Jogjakarta


According to the WordCamp Indonesia Twitter account, this year’s event will be January 21 and 22, 2012, in Jogjakarta. Registration isn’t open yet and there is no speaker information, but the date is solid and more information is on the way.

Last year’s event took place around the same time, except in Bandung, Indonesia. Most notably—at least in my mind, since I didn’t attend—was the WordPress board game they debuted (and still have a landing page up at BoardPress).

How many of you reading this post will be attending WordCamp Indonesia in January? And who can’t wait to hold a WordPress board game in their hands?

10 thoughts on “WordCamp Indonesia 2012 will be January 21-22 in Jogjakarta

  1. The long-awaited news is finally out! Definitely will attend and can’t wait to try the board game. Gonna prepare a few days activity before the event. After all, It’s been a while since my last visit to Jogjakarta. Vacation!

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