Tickets for WordCamp Grand Rapids (Aug 18-19) are now available

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Tickets for WordCamp Grand Rapids, the first event in the Michigan city, are now available for $20 from the conference website. Brian Richards, who you might recognize as the person behind Startbox, is the organizer of the event and is working to assemble what looks to be an impressive first WordCamp.

The event will take place August 18 and 19 this year, and while there isn’t a full speaker list or schedule public yet I have heard through the grapevine[ref]The organizer Brian Richards being the proverbial grapevine, of course.[/ref] that attendees to the Grand Rapids can expect to hear from the likes of John James Jacoby, Lisa Sabin-Wilson, Pippin Williamson, Jake Caputo and Matt Danner before it’s all said and done.

You can listen to a brief interview with Richards about WordCamp Grand Rapids on this week’s WP Late Night Aftertaste (around an hour and change in).

Just over 200 tickets are available for WordCamp Grand Rapids, and the event is only 5 weeks away so don’t dawdle if you want to attend!