WordCamp Gold Coast will be November 5-6, tickets available


One of my favorite things to do is attend WordCamps. Save for that, high up on my list is being crazy envious when others can attend WordCamps in beautiful, awesome locations. That’s exactly what will be happening the weekend of November 5th and 6th, at Austraila’s WordCamp Gold Coast.

The organizers have informed me that this event will not only be the fourth ever WordCamp held in Australia, but it will also be the first time two WordCamps have happened in the same yearΒ β€” this event and WordCamp Melbourne which took place earlier this year.

Tickets are available for the event for $75, with room for both sponsors and speakers if you are so inclined.

For those that won’t be attending WordCamp Gold Coast, like myself, keep an eye out for invitations to the first ever Ryan’s Teary-eyed SadCamp 2011, held someplace far less cool than Australia. You bring the soda and chips, I’ll bring the weeping.

8 thoughts on “WordCamp Gold Coast will be November 5-6, tickets available

  1. I myself am hoping to get to WCGC but will have to see if it fits in my schedule. I certainly wouldn’t mind going to a WC event and experiencing the vibe that comes from it. I would love to have one come back to Sydney Australia again.

    As with Stephen, I am jealous of the large number of WC’s that happen in the US.

    • We hope to see you there Andrew!

      We’re in the same boat as Stephen and yourself which is why we’ve making sure there are at least 2 WordCamp’s a year in Oz!

      I’m always jealous of the ones in the States. I’m gonna get over there for #wcsf next year! πŸ™‚

    • Awesome! We’re all very excited about the event. We’ve got a stack of speakers and workshops to announce too. The committee is flat out getting everything in place for a fabulous WordCamp!

  2. I bought my ticket last week, and I’m looking forward to seeing what goes on at WordCamp, and meeting up with some new folks.

    BTW, I tried making a comment like this last week, which was by the look of it moderated out. Let’s see how this one goes.

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