WordCamp: Developers will be a WordCamp…for developers

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WordCamp: Developers is a new one day event in Vancouver, British Columbia, planned for May 5 during the Vancouver Open Source Week. The event will differ from most WordCamps in that it will be primarily for web developers, with one track scheduled for development issues and the other for user experience topics. The day will also feature a WordPress Un-Conference where attendees will be encouraged to pitch talks and be a real part of the event.

The organizers have a call out for conference speakers, asking for those with experience working with WordPress and e-Commerce, Multiuser sites, building plugins, and a number of other topics. Get in touch if you’re interested in speaking.

Right now there’s no indication that the event will cost, but registration isn’t open yet so there is no telling either way. Whether it costs or not, will you be interested in attending WordCamp: Developers? Do you think an event like this, catered specifically toward developers, is necessary within the WordPress community?

One thought on “WordCamp: Developers will be a WordCamp…for developers

  1. For sure it’s a great idea, I would attend if it wasn’t so far away, maybe we could have one in the uk?

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