WordCamp Coming To The UK?


Now for all you fellow British WordPress users out there, this came as a keen interest to me. It has been suggested by Tony Scott, that a UK version of the famous WordCamp was requested to be held right at the heart of the country.

The idea of the WordCamp has been floating around cyberspace for a while, but it is now just a case of whether people will attend, at what location, and is it possible for a sponsor to help with costs and fees. There is also a lot of talk about London being the location because it’s really easy to get to there. There are tons of trains to and from London during the day.

If you’re wondering what a WordCamp is, well it’s basically a large gathering of WordPress users and developers that meet in one location and talk about everything and anything WordPress.

If it does actually happen and it isn’t too expensive I really wouldn’t mind going. Now that I have been out the WordPress scene for a good couple of months, I need to play catch up. I think it would be very interesting to meet fellow UK WordPress users and developers and see if any of them have heard about WPCandy.

It’s something I’m going to ponder on and just hope that a logical location and price that will suit everyone appears soon. If anybody else is interested in the WordCamp UK you can join the mailing list and keep up to date.

Tony Scott’s Blog
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Also if you’re a UK WPCandy reader and interested in going, let me know via a comment or the contact page.

6 thoughts on “WordCamp Coming To The UK?

  1. Although I’m in Australia right now, I’m from the UK, and if it’s after June, there’s a small chance I might be back in the UK. If that was the case, I’d be seriously interested in attending.

    Thanks for the heads up.

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