WordCamp Central offers organizing information via Plan.WordCamp.org

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If you’ve ever planned a WordCamp, or would like to, pay attention to this one. A new official blog has launched just for WordCamp organizers at Plan.WordCamp.org.

The site includes a planner’s blog, which is mostly quiet right now. The sections most likely to be useful to organizers are “First Steps“, “Planning Details“, and “WordCamp Weekend.” within those pages are tips and tricks (as well as useful guidelines) from organizers who have put together multiple WordCamps over the years.

If you’re a new organizer what’s the one thing that surprised you most about the planning process? What piece of advice would you give to a new planner?

One thought on “WordCamp Central offers organizing information via Plan.WordCamp.org

  1. I’ve recently co-organized a WordPress meetup ( 60+ attendees ) in the Netherlands and the best advice I can give is making sure you actually meet people before you organize an event with them. Or you might end up with a guy making Steve Ballmer’s “Developers, Developers, Developers..” speech look boring.

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