WooThemes announces tweaks to their subscriptions


Change is a-comin’ to those of you that are WooThemes Club Subscription members. With the launch of WooCommerce, the WooThemes team has decided it’s time to make some changes to the Club Subscriptions. The changes to the Club Subscriptions, which apply to both Standard and Developer subscriptions, include:

  • inclusion of all WooCommerce parent themes,
  • inclusion of all WooCommerce child themes,
  • support for the core WooCommerce plugin (and future free plugins), and
  • a subscription price increase.

On January 1, 2012, subscription prices will increase. Standard subscriptions will increase to $20/month. Developer subscriptions will increase to $25/month. These increases, WooThemes says, were made to account for the continuing growth of the library and support and apply to all current and future subscribers.

The subscriptions still exclude WooCommerce extensions. There are plans to add an add-on option for subscriptions to include them. In the meantime, they’re making a discount coupon available to all active club subscribers. If you have any questions about the changes, the WooThemes team is inviting you to contact them.

What are your feelings about these changes? Are they fair and necessary, or are they too much? Let us know in the comments.

9 thoughts on “WooThemes announces tweaks to their subscriptions

    • As a follow up I’ll say that $25/month is too expensive to have a subscription “just in case.” If they could offer me a workable (from their perspective) $10/month plan I’d be happy to keep it.

      Also, I agree with Noel Tock, you’d think they would want to grandfather. I’d probably keep my account at $20/month if they did.

  1. Seems like a decent move in terms of scaling. If 4 out of 5 people stay after the increase, the total revenue will stay constant. However, I’m assuming support expenses would decrease (per client) and transaction charges (even though small) would also decrease (per dollar received), both being beneficial to WooThemes.

    Only thing I’m a little surprised about is that the current users aren’t being grandfathered in. Take SEOmoz for example, as they’ve increased their offering, their price has remained the same. It’s a great way to reward the clients that came in early and helped provide the funds necessary to grow into a large company.

    Good luck with the “tweak” 😉

  2. @Noel – I agree with your Comment about existing users – most companies are exercising ‘Grandfather rights’ for existing subscribers.

    Building loyalty is essential to any business nowadays, and with strong competition in the WordPress Theme Niche, I would have expected WooThemes to have exercised the opportunity to re-inforce their own subscriber base.

    I am a current subscriber – my own blog is built with the Canvas Wootheme Framework and I will take the opportunity to play around with the Woocommerce theme before deciding whether to stay on for the journey or not.

  3. Next thing you know they’ll be shipping copies of WooThemes to your door on DVD and calling it “Wickster”

    … Wait, I’m mixing up my price hike outrage.

    As a dev, I think $25/month is perfectly reasonable for their 2 new themes a month, especially with updates on existing themes. My only problem with Woo is that I just wish they’d make it easier as a subscriber to get their new theme… Like, just email me when the new ones come out with a link to download. Their current “download” page isn’t user friendly at all.

  4. I’m not a fan of monthly subscriptions for themes / plugins. Never convinced by wpmu stuff, nor am I by this. Unless a client pays for it and requests woo stuff specifically I can’t see me ever paying for that.

  5. What’s with the disproportionate amount of posts about WooThemes? It seems like there is a post or two for every move they make, they must love the free pr.

  6. If Woo wants to up their prices, they should up their service! Biggest challenges I have with them right now are slow or spotty technical support and manual updating of themes. Pagelines found a way to update themes through the WordPress system — Woo needs to step it up a little!!!

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