WooThemes server under DDoS attack for 28 hours and counting, WPBundle launch postponed


According to their Twitter account and website, WooThemes has been on the receiving end of a DDoS (or Distributed Denial of Service) attack for nearly 30 hours now. The WooThemes site was moved to a new server with a DDoS firewall early this morning, but the attacks have continued.

Today was intended to be the launch of WPBundle, a new source of WordPress themes. The launch has been indefinitely postponed until the servers are stable again, as WPBundle relies on WooThemes’ checkout and support systems. WPBundle and WooThemes first¬†announced the partnership back in August.

WooThemes is hosted with VPS.net, who they say are doing a great job working with them to stop the attack. The exact source of the attack has not yet been determined. Until the attack is stopped, WooThemes has set up a P2 blog to update users on the downtime.

8 thoughts on “WooThemes server under DDoS attack for 28 hours and counting, WPBundle launch postponed

  1. Some theme providers are under attack too: dailyWP.com, theme-junkie.com, vasthtml.com … Any more? Who did this?

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