WooThemes releases Listings, a WordPress directory theme


After months of work and teasing, WooThemes has released their new Listings directory theme. Ever since WooThemes released Estate earlier this year, Mark Forrester said their team has wanted to generalize that theme’s functionality for more purposes. Listings is the end results of that work.

The core new feature of Listings is its content builder, which allows users to create custom post types with custom taxonomies and fields. The custom content functionality is available to the upcoming WordPress 3.1, but the content builder allows anyone to add this custom content to their sites. Listings also includes an advanced search module and an “Upload a Listing” page template.

The Listings demo is a bit more involved than typical theme demos: the demo is a full car dealership website.

Not sure whether you should be excited or not? Check out the Listings overview video, just below the jump, and see if that does anything for you.

On its own, or outside of the WooThemes club membership, Listings costs $200. While that’s a bit higher than the typical WordPress theme, Forrester justifies it in the announcement blog post:

Listings is sold as an enterprise theme given it’s content builder and advanced search module, but is included in the club subscription offer. It is also 20% off until 31st December 2010 as part of our Christmas special offer. Making it only $160 if you opt to buy it individually!

Will you be picking up Listings? What do you think of it?

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  1. Ryan, Wanted to see “Upload a Listing” page, but no luck ,,,, website ask for Uname and password,,,,, is there any dummy password available to get into it ?


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