WooThemes releases Chapters, new theme for promoting and selling books

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Addi Pienaar announced that WooThemes has released a new theme named Chapters. Chapters is designed for promoting and selling books, but it can also be used as an “out of the box” way to display your blog’s content.

Chapters was originally designed by Tim van Damme and was used to promote and sell Pienaar’s book, Rockstar Business.

Chapters allows you to display previews of your book’s content in a chapter by chapter manner. An index for these previews is at the header of the theme and the content displays cleanly in the middle of the theme.

Pienaar wrote this about Chapters:

When I started writing my book, I knew I wanted to create a mechanism, and channel by which I could start promoting the book, so that once it was ready for release, it would’ve already gathered quite some traction. The biggest stumbling block in this regard, was obviously to convince people that my book was worthy of pre-ordering… And the only way to do that was to share teasers / previews of some of the content.

And that’s where Chapters steps into the fray: it’s perfectly designed to help you tease snippets of your upcoming book, whilst allowing you to make some proper progress on writing the rest of it.

Test out a demo of Chapters for yourself!