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Adii and the Premium News Theme development crew have recently re-branded as the all-new WooThemes. This new branding will allow them to offer a larger variety of premium WordPress themes to the public. Along with their new brand, they’ve added Elliot Jay Stocks, ex-senior designer of web startup Carsonified, to the team, where he will be designing themes for the rest of the crew to develop. Elliot has already released ProudFolio, his first theme for WooThemes.

The WooThemes Club

With the all new WooThemes Club, customers will be able to purchase a subscription-based club membership where they’ll have access to all of the current and future WooThemes products. 4 different subscription options are available, with the cheapest option starting at $150 USD for three months. Adii says their aim is to release at least one theme per month and they plan on collaborating with some popular designers.

New WooThemes Features

Each new theme from WooThemes now includes a new theme options backend and a custom write panel. The also site offers a completely revamped Support section, including online theme documentation. And best of all, prices are lower than ever! Single licenses can now be purchased at $70 USD (previously $99.95 USD), and Developer’s Licenses are now $150 USD (previously $249.95).

WooThemes’ New Design

I’ve talked a lot about the new branding and the new themes available, but what about the actual design of the new site? It’s awesome. When Adii first showed me some screenshots a while back, I fell in love (I fall in love a lot, don’t I?). The new design is super clean and well organized. The typography is great (Lucida Grande is the bomb), colors are fresh, and the logo is sharp. Great work guys!

I know this post was a bit late for the whole launch hype, but I really wanted to do a thorough post. 🙂 Good luck to the WooThemes crew!

6 thoughts on “WooThemes – Premium WordPress Themes

  1. Thanks Mike, this is really a big step forward for us from PNT and we know that WooThemes Themes Club is here to stay, and hope it will be a welcome resource for anybody wanting quality WP themes.

  2. Yep – well said Magnus… 🙂 This is definitely the start of something big for us and we’re extremely committed to make WooThemes the premier WP theme resource online. We’re already working on a bunch of new themes and you can count on at least 2 new themes (if not more) every month.

    And thanks for the post Mike – we hope to collaborate with WPCandy as well in future. We see you guys as premier WP bloggers, in the same light as we see ourselves as the premier WP theme providers! 🙂

  3. I recently purchased a news theme from woo themes – just a warning to would be purchasers, yes these themes look great but there are major bugs trying to install them. They run dependant on about six different plug ins. I have spent the last 2 weeks trying to debug the theme that I bought. It displays code and unformatted text and makes for a really ugly experience. If you are an experienced coder you’ll probably be ok, but otherwise steer clear of these themes until they can guarantee that all the bugs and posting anomalies have been ironed out.

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