WooThemes partners with WordPress101 to produce help videos


WooThemes has partnered with WordPress101 to produce help videos for their theme documentation, as well as to publish for promotional purposes on their Vimeo site. Recent examples include Getting started with WooSEO and A Brief Tour of the WooFramework. Additional videos can be found within the documentation available to WooThemes members.

WordPress101 is a site focused on creating WordPress tutorials for the beginner and intermediate users. Their video library currently spans 17 videos, not counting the exclusive videos they do with partners like WooThemes.

You can follow WP101 on Twitter at @wp101.

2 thoughts on “WooThemes partners with WordPress101 to produce help videos

  1. Thanks for the mention, Ryan. This was a fun collaboration with Adii, Mark, and the rest of the talented WooThemes team.

    I think the videos, “How to Install WordPress”

    and “The Differences Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org”

    would be useful to all WordPress users, whether they use WooThemes or not.

    Thanks again!

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