WooThemes offers merchandise, starts with Woo Ninja plush doll


Heads up everyone: WooThemes has entered another market. Granted, in this case the market isn’t so much a WordPress using, theme loving market as it is a smiling-yet-possibly-deadly-plush-ninja-toy-loving market. Along with their themes, you can as of now buy one piece of WooThemes merchandise: their cute little mascot, pictured above.

If you love the little guy and want to have your own, head over to the newly launched WooMerchandise and pick one up for $20. You have to hurry though, since they only have a very limited number (99 left as I’m writing this).

Woo Ninja Plush Gallery

If you could have a doll/action figure/plush of any WordPress-related mascot, which one would it be? Check out our mascot fight-to-the-death poll for a refresher on some of the more creative shop mascots.

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