WooThemes offering discount to WordCamp Louisville attendees

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One of the best parts of any event is swag. Swag, of course, stands for “stuff we all get.” That’s always confused me, seeing as how it’s something only people at the event get. If I’m not there, I don’t get anything.

In any case, only those attending WordCamp Louisville will have access to this new deal from WooThemes, purveyor of fine theme products.

According to the WordCamp Louisville blog WooThemes has provided a number of discounts to WordPress Louisville attendees, presumably to be delivered via email on or before the event on December 4th. The discounts aren’t publicly available, as that would then truly become something we all get, thus defeating the purpose.

Eric Blackwell, one of the Louisville organizers, makes a bold move to call out additional WordPress businesses to pitch in as well:

We are asking that the vendors such as WooThemes, and hopefully others such as StudioPress and Mail Chimp and all of the rest (yeah…I am asking for your guys’ help by name ;-) ) do the following:

a) Dig deep and give our attendees SOLID discounts that will truly help them expand the WP user base. This ain’t namby pambyville…grin…We want attendees to pay $20 and get TONS of value for what they have paid.

b) Promote our efforts on your sites, forums and etc. Badge up. Mention Up. And help us promote the community. The long term winners are all of us. ;-)

Only time will tell whether this technique will generate additional deals for WordCamp Louisville attendees. In the meantime, tickets are available for purchase right now.