WooThemes may soon launch WordPress hosting


Speculation began this morning in the WordPress community when an image went up on the official WooThemes Twitter account (pictured above) with the follow message: “Is that the WooNinja standing next to some ‘WP’ hardware?”

We don’t know much at this point, but an unconfirmed (thought often reliable) source says this image likely refers to a yet-announced “WooHosting” product. This alleged upcoming product would couple WooThemes with an unnamed cloud hosting provider’s infrastructure in order to provide customers with WooThemes themes, WordPress, and a host in one location. A little digging brought up a post on the WooThemes idea blog, ranked seventh, suggesting just this idea some time ago.

So, will this happen? What do you think? Are you excited about WooThemes possibly diving into WordPress hosting?

9 thoughts on “WooThemes may soon launch WordPress hosting

  1. They’d be crazy not too! I’m actually surprised they haven’t done it a lot sooner but that being said I’m sure Adii & Co would’ve had to do a lot of research into finding a top notch elastic cloud solution cause their growth will undoubtly snowball and they’ll need to rely heavily on their infrastructure. They’ll get just as much if not more traction than Page.ly!

    Good luck to them!

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  3. If they do, its not so surprising. These past few months, we’ve seen a lot of WordPress specific hosting pop up. Providing more managed solutions with scalable solutions is the future. Companies like ZippyKid, WPEngine, Page.ly, KahuhaHost and my company, Webshoo.com are offering these type of hosting solutions.

    Here’s a whois link to woohost.com http://www.whois.net/whois/woohost.com – its running on the Rackspace cloud like a few of us are. It was purchased in September. Could this be them?

    Well gotta go back and hustle! 🙂

  4. Well over a year ago when we first reached out to Adii about including Woothemes into our managed WordPress hosting service, he was candid about their eventual move in this direction. I respected his openness then and wish them well now in this endeavor. Seems the model we pioneered is in vogue of late as new services are coming out of the woodwork from all directions, most will fall by the wayside however a Woothemes branded play should be a solid offering as they will apply their same commitment to quality and service that has made them so successful in the theme business. Good luck guys.

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  6. Hi Guys, Just bouncing around this evening and saw the wpcandy tweet popup in my search. I’m the owner of WooHost.com and have thought long about approaching adi & gang about providing an all in WordPress Cloud Hosting solution for their faithful woo members.

    Felt like offering a managed platform, single site account, & unlimited ( dev ) cloud sites. You guys have any thoughts?

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