WooThemes collaborating with WPBundle


It was announced today on the WooThemes Blog that WooThemes will be collaborating with WPBundle, a MacHeist-like packaging of WordPress themes. The two companies will combine forces to create cross-promotional campaigns with WooThemes integrating WPBundle into their membership backend. All WPBundle themes will also be developed on top of the WooFramework.

Though both companies are working closely with one another, WPBundle will continue to operate as an entity separate from WooThemes. This means there will be no overlapping theme availability. WPBundle will not sell WooThemes themes and vice versa.

When asked by email whether there was profit sharing between WooThemes and WPBundle, WooThemes CEO Adii Pienaar said:

Yes, we do have an agreement in place that makes sure that both companies benefit from this (both financially & otherwise). The exact details of this are relevant, but it’s important to note that the agreement is to create synergistic benefits for both companies; so it’s not aimed at financial profits at all.

We have not acquired an equity stake in WPBundle and they will continue to operate as an independent company. We have a joint venture in place though, which is again about bringing some kind of synergistic benefits to the fore.

The announcement comes after WPBundle’s Kickstarter project failed to reach its funding goal. The first bundle is expected to be released in September.