Stand in awe of the WonderThemes marketplace with themes to sell


WonderThemes came out of beta as a new theme marketplace in May of this year, but at the time didn’t have any themes for sale. It took a couple of months for them to see a few submitted themes come through, but they’ve made it. This month WonderThemes has nine new themes for sale from seven different theme authors.

The first handful of themes reared their head the same weekend of WordCamp Portsmouth just a week ago. The currently published themes range from free (a price few will argue with) to $50, keeping them within the range of prices theme marketplaces are maintaining right now.

The first vendors selling on WonderThemes are in for a treat as well: the first group of authors to sell on their marketplace are earning 95% of their sales, forever.

At this point WonderThemes is another solid GPL theme marketplace, adding another layer of variety to the market. Are you personally excited to see another theme marketplace beginning to grow at WonderThemes?

Variety and competition aside, at least we have another marketplace’s theme prices to scrutinize.

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  1. I’ve been lucky enough to meet both Kimb & Jonny at Wordcamp UK and they’re both really passionate about this project and overall great guys. If you’re looking to sell themes, give them a shot first!

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