The WonderThemes marketplace swoops into beta mode


Look, it’s a bird! No, it’s a plane! Wait no, it’s Superman’s younger, slightly effeminate cousin, the Wonder Themes mascot!

I kid.

WonderThemes is a new WordPress theme marketplace and community currently in an invite-only bug-hunting beta. This new marketplace is offering 80% (or, up to 95%) payout to authors selling their themes there. You can poke around the site to see more, but buying and selling themes is still restricted to accepted beta users.

While WonderThemes is an open marketplace, they are also providing their own WonderFlux theme framework that developers can use to build their themes. Child themes from any other framework are also accepted, as well as non-framework themes. Michael Kimb Jones is behind the marketplace, and you can follow him on Twitter at @mkjones. His partner Jonny Allbut is the developer behind the new framework, and can be followed on Twitter at @jonnyauk.

What do you think of this new beta marketplace? Is it the ideal marketplace-meets-framework concept? Will you give it a shot?

5 thoughts on “The WonderThemes marketplace swoops into beta mode

  1. Wow, thanks for this 😉 FYI we are still thinking up a name for our mascot and “the nephew of Jor-El” has a good ring to it.

    One thing I’d like to add is that the Wonderflux framework is being developed by Jonny Allbut (@jonnyauk) who’s partnering with me on the project.

    You can read more on our team page.

  2. Thanks for featuring WonderThemes and Wonderflux, we are REALLY excited about this project and it has been in development for months to get it to this point!

    Also, just to echo Kimbs comment – we are teamed-up on this project, but I am the sole developer of Wonderflux at the moment, with Kimb consulting on functionality. I am in discussions with a number of developers and would encourage any budding theme designers or developers to get involved in the project. It is licensed under GPL2 (just like WordPress) and there are no plans to charge for Wonderflux (although we are potentially considering a form of donation for support). It is, and will always be free to use and download!

    I have setup a Google Code SVN that gives full access to the source code over at – so drop by, say hi and let’s make a killer design framework for everyone to use in the WordPress community, for free, for ever!

  3. I’m really looking forward to see this puppy fly!
    I know the guys behind this initiative (Kimb and Jonny) are great guys, so I’m certain WonderThemes will be a prime mover on the theme scene!

  4. Thanks @Yohan and @ Bill – we are working hard to deliver something that is going to be very special – Wonderflux framework is developing at a good pace and WonderThemes is going to really reward quality theme designers with what they deserve for their hard work!

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