Wireframes emerge for a new WordPress media management interface


photo via Daryl’s slides

Wireframes for a new WordPress media management interface have emerged on the Make WordPress UI blog. Daryl Koopersmith posted the wireframes, and noted that he worked very closely with Dave Martin, Andrew Nacin, and Mark Jaquith on the project. I should forewarn you that they are amazing. You really, really need to check them out.

The presentation is a complete walkthrough of managing media, including the a proposed process for adding and editing both images and galleries. And much more. Really, read it.

A few things in the proposed workflow are especially interesting to me:

  • The entire interface would be overhauled
  • With the new system, you’ll likely be able to insert multiple galleries into a post via the UI
  • Galleries should be able to include images not attached to the current post (the idea of “attaching” media could change entirely)
  • The window would not be a new pageload of WordPress. It would operate similarly to the link manager. Aka, it will be very fast.
  • Intuitive drag and drop sorting
  • Consistent “Add Media”, “Edit image”, and custom header UI
  • Images could be dragged straight to the editor to add them

Please remember that these are wireframes, not code. Some or all or none of this could be included in WordPress 3.5/6/7. However, as any WordPress development armchair quarterback could tell you, a media overhaul has been in high demand for a while. It looks like the team is really dedicated to it right now.

Go read the post. And read the comments. There is a great discussion going on. Also, there will likely be a lot of discussion about this at WordCamp San Francisco, especially for the Sunday hack day. There are two relevant tickets to the project on Trac: #21390, and #21391.

Major kudos to the UI team. I’m quite happy about this, and I bet most of you are too!

8 thoughts on “Wireframes emerge for a new WordPress media management interface

  1. The wireframes look great and appear to be a welcome improvement.

    I sure would like the added capability of uploading into separate media folders. It becomes difficult to manage hundreds of media files on large sites when they are all in the same folder. Sorting and filtering only go so far.

  2. You’re right, that was worth looking at!

    Wonderful to see media management finally getting some much-needed love.

    I agree with Brad point about the difficulty of manage large numbers of media files, I would like to see more flexibility in how folders can be arranged.

  3. I’d also love to see better handing of large numbers of media files. It sure does get messy once a site becomes very large.

    That possibly fits into the realm of “file manager” rather than media management though possibly, as you would presumably want to be able to shunt files around on disk into various folders.

  4. Looking very nice.

    Personally, I wanted to see the insert button moved onto the toolbar; it’s confusing for some of my clients who are used to have their editor buttons right there yet the insert button is above that for some odd reason.

    Also I agree with what has been said above. A better way of managing lots of media is required. Even just faux folders or categories/tags would be a huge improvement for media items. Advanced sorting would also help, eg; viewing a certain file type and then order by date would be great.

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