Peek at what WebDevStudios has in store for 2012


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Christopher Cochran of (WDS) tweeted out a teaser of what is to come for their business in 2012. He mentioned premium plugins, themes, and open code bank, better support, and “more!” in just 119 characters. So what exactly does this mean?

I was able to catch up with Brad Williams, a co-founder of WDS, and asked him to shed some light on what Chris is talking about. While still being cryptic about what exactly they have up their sleeves for this year, he was able to tell me that the “open code bank” is going to basically be a library of code snippets that they will likely make available to the public. This code bank could be a great resource to developers; I know I find snippets really useful sometimes.

Brad also touched on premium plugins. At least one of the premium plugins they will be releasing this year is related to their CollabPress plugin.

Brad and his team have a lot of great things going on and I’m looking forward to seeing what they produce this year. If you could ask WebDevStudios to work on one thing this year, what would it be?

6 thoughts on “Peek at what WebDevStudios has in store for 2012

    • Yeah, it’s mostly to help us keep track as well. Most us on the team use Text Expander but for sharing and searching through our code snippets it’s not always the best.
      Having it all in one place on the web and ability to acces form anywhere, just send a link, & search is a huge plus and in the spirit of WordPress having it available for everyone just seems right. 🙂

    • It must be contagious, because (shameless plugin to follow) I’ve started doing the same thing. Here’s my code snippets page.

      Always a fan of WebDev and what they do – one of the true quality teams around the WordPress community.

  1. I have just started using CollabPress and its great. Thanks for releasing this plugin. I really hope that WDS continue the development. I’m using it as à dead clean Project Management area that the Client can access. To keep it simple the client only have access to the front-end of WordPress. 1client=1 site in a multisite inst.
    I really miss there things in my setup:
    – Option to restrict access to site for none logged in users. (I’m running à plugin now but have probs with logged in user able to the front-end of all sites in a Multisite (
    – ability to upload files from the front-end
    – simple back-end option to style the email notifications or documentation to style by hand (a link back to the site/ticket in the mail would be great)
    @brad any of theese features on the roadmap?
    Does anybody reading this have any tips for my restricted access problem?

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