We’re Having Server Issues!


Hey everyone, if you’ve been to WPCandy within the last week or two, you might have noticed it has been down. We’re very very sorry. Ever since we switched from WPDesigner Hosting to MediaTemple, our site has been going down at least once each day. I thought MediaTemple was supposed to be awesome! I guess not.

Anyways, if you are experiencing any problems with accessing WPCandy, please hold tight, we’re trying to get it sorted out with MediaTemple (we send a support ticket to them each time our site is down, complaining to them). If you’re hosted with MediaTemple, have you also been having problems like us?

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  1. Even though I don’t host with MT, from what I have heard, stay away. Their claims on what they can do are often wrong and I would go with someone like Site5 or BlueHost.

  2. The thing I like about (mt) over a place like Site5, is I’ve heard Site5 will pull your website down if you embed a simple java applet for an IRC chat (the IRC server is hosted by someone else). They’re a bit ridiculous, in that way.

    (mt) can also stand the Digg effect… Heh.

  3. Site5 is a joke. Bluehost is a joke. Mediatemple is a joke. Dreamhost… won’t even go there.

    If you really plan on hosting a reliable and professional website, you gotta host your own. Either on a dedicated box or a VPS, there’s really no other solution.

    You might want to look into dedicated solutions from Layeredtech.com, but I’m sure you could get away with running this on a slice from Slicehost.com,

    Roll your own 🙂 PHP + Nginx on Ubuntu or Debian. Shared hosting is for the birds.

  4. @Michael – Bluehost sucks too? I’ve tried all the hosts you mentioned except Bluehost.

    I guess I am going to have to look into a dedicated box. Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll see what Slicehost and Layeredtech have to offer.

  5. Sorry to hear about that. No wonder I didn’t get any RSS feeds via email from you guys the past few days.

    I just switched to MT like a month ago from Dreamhost. Since the move, the only downtimes I had was the scheduled maintenance and another one yesterday which didn’t last for more than 5 minutes.

  6. I switched from DreamHost to (MT), but instead of the grid-share service, I opted for the virtual dedicated server. So far so good.

  7. I’ve used westhost for the past several years and I get good customer service and very little downtime. It’s not perfect but for cheap shared hosting, I haven’t found anything better (and you get a VPS with root-like access so it’s pretty configurable).

    Everytime I hear someone talk about how great their hosting provider is, I add them to my list of sites to watch for downtime in mon.itor.us. I haven’t found anyone doing much better than what I’ve got.

  8. @Andrei – Eleven2 is definitely another option for us. Thanks for the recommendation.

    @Jaypee – Yeah sorry about that. From my experiences, Dreamhost is actually looking pretty awesome right now..compared to MT. Did I just say that? Haha.

    @Rich – I’ve heard the (dv) Server is better than the (gs) so I guess I’ll have to look at that as well. Thanks.

    @Rob – Interesting. Thanks for sharing your experience with them. Mon.itor.us is pretty cool too.

  9. Other than the scheduled maintenance last week, I haven’t had any problems with MT (I haven’t switched my main site over to them yet, I’m waiting for 2.5 final to be released because I’m transferring my domain to a domain-only account with my current host and I’ll just update the DNS records, mail and whatnot the same time I switch servers and do the clean install of 2.5), and I’m on the grid. I did have one issue with my DNS not resolving, but I called them and they got it taken care of immediately.

    Have you called them in addition to just posting tickets? When you moved servers, did you dump your MySQL tables and then re-upload them as they were before or did you do a more formal export/import move? It’s possible that there might be something written somewhere configured for your old server that’s causing problems with the new account. Bummer though.

    Slicehost is fine, and I’ve actually worked on a number of sites that run off it (mostly dev projects, which is where they really shine) – but be aware you get absolutely no hand holding, they dump you in a Linux distro of your choice and you have to install your stack from there. Granted, there are few things easier than installing MySQL/Apache/PHP in Ubuntu, but you aren’t going to get a control panel other than if you want to reformat your “slice” and a DNS manager. However, if you do shell out for dedicated hosting, it’s the exact same thing — you’ll be booted into root, install the distro of your choice (or they might just give you a distro) and then you have to build your stack yourself.

    Good luck! Reliable web hosting is such a crap shoot — experiences can vary so wildly by customer; it’s hard to get something “affordable” that doesn’t suck. I will say, the main reason I personally got a Media Temple account (and I’m basically paying two accounts now until I can migrate everything over and have my domains completely separated) is because they picked up the phone when I called at 2 AM just as a test, answered all my questions competently and politely and I feel assured that even if I have issues, I can at least reach a human to get them resolved. That and they throw a great party (SXSWi)

  10. I’ve been with 1and1 for 3 years now and haven’t had any major issues. My only complaint with 1and1 is their phone support just sucks. I end up relying on their email support.

  11. Hi Mike,

    We run GoSquared on (mt)’s Dedicated Virtual servers, and had a huge number of problems.

    After rebuilding our backend systems we are now in a position where we don’t go down everyday, but if you looked at the server stats, we are very close to needing more power. I don’t think we would survive another Digg effect at this moment in time!

    Talk to u on chat this weekend – have been really busy lately 😀



  12. I just switched to Eleven2 off of a lot of great recommendations(and everyone said stay away from MT) and so far so good, so I cast my vote for them.

    Another great option is SliceHost, it really depends on how much power you need and your level of experience.

  13. Are you using the Grid Server with MT? It looks pretty cool but judging from the reviews I’ve read, I’d stay away from them. Search for them on WebHostingTalk.com and you’ll see what I mean. HostGator would be good…but you may want to look into upgrading to a VPS or Dedi instead. Good luck.

  14. Been a lurker for a bit but figured I’d throw in my 2 cents. Layered Tech is not the best when it comes to reliability and customer service. Softlayer, their competitor is really good and opening up a DC on the east coast in May, they have 1 in Dallas and Seattle. If you go with Softlayer make sure you get in on one of their specials.

    I actually host a blog (still being built) on mosso and so far so good. Their pricing is a bit sketchy, they give you 3 million requests and then it is 3 cents for every additional 1000. Comes with firewalls, administration etc – the company is owned by rackspace.

  15. Anto suggested A Small Orange, I switched over to them a couple years ago when I finally broke away from Dream Host..

    To date I have not had a singe problem with them, anytime I emailed support with a question I would have a response back within 5-10 minutes.

    Great company, I can’t recommend them enough to someone..

  16. I always thought MediaTemple was supposed to be awesome, but it looks like I was wrong – although I guess all web hosts go through bad times.

    I’ve read some nice things about AN Hosting, although I’m not really in a position to comment because I still use free web hosting. But when I do go for a premium option, I’ll bear in mind these MT issues and the words of those who’ve commented before me.

  17. Hey, I sent you a contact form, I can help you out on some very reliable host. I would rather not post the links here so just shoot me over an e-mail, no I am not going to send affiliate links or anything I will just give you some references to my recommendations :).


  18. I’ve recently posted on my blog about media temple. The speed was pretty terrible from the uk.
    I’ve now moved everything over to webfaction, and first impressions are great. Much faster, and a neat control panel.
    Give them a try!

  19. Thanks for your comments and suggestions everyone! I really appreciate it. We’re going to be looking into the servers you all mentioned and see what we can come up with.

  20. Hahah @ their reply (Mike and I host together). Glad they want to do something to sort crap out, by adding a neat incentive to move to a better package.

  21. I took as serious look at MediaTemple when I had to upgrade my site from a shared plan. After reading a lot of reviews about them at WebHostingTalk.com and other places, it sounded like they had several downtime issues, plus the GPU system was charging a lot of people a lot of extra money. So, I have a VPS with FutureHosting.biz and love ’em! Almost immediate support (tickets are usually answered within 10 minutes) and great pricing.

  22. Well, just let us know then, which one you will choose. It might help to see exactly what hosting service has the best customer support, best feedback and why not best branding 🙂

  23. Just another vote for AN Hosting from me too buddy. They aren’t perfect, but they’re better than anyone I’ve tried (and that includes mt).

  24. I just wanted to let you know that a number of other mr blogs have been having some problems I think that I love typograhy is one of them.

    If you find a good option I would love to hear what it was, because I could be making a switch soon as well.

  25. I had BlueHost and the only good thing I can say about them is that they had decent customer service support and are user friendly. BUT, if you had some serious issues with your site, the tech support left a lot to be desired. Just adding my two cents. Enjoy reading your blog, btw.

  26. I’ve been with bluehost, MT, ASO(where one of my blogs is currently hosted), lunarpages, hostgator, and a few other “big name” hosting companies…… newsflash = they all suck.

    right now MT is having major issues across the board with their grid hosting.. the worse of all is in regards to SQL access…. which as we all know blog engines like WP query as often as a cheap hooker finds business at a used-car-salesmen’s conference.
    ASO (A Small Orange) used to be #1 in my book, fast servers, great customer service (which they still have), however their success has led to a severe reduction in speed… and i’ve asked to have my sites moved to two separate servers to see if that would change… it’s across the board bad…however their tech support is still the fastest responding support i’ve come across, which is all they have going for them.

    All the rest = overselling… which when you think about it, is the same problem that MT and ASO are facing.

    If you want to host a fast site that’s somewhat popular, then don’t even think about shared hosting….pony up the cash for a cheap dedicated server with a lot of RAM, research, research, research (on how to properly secure as well as optimize it), and there you go.

    Idealy – build your own server from parts bought online that go on sale from time to time… install your operating system + software, harden + optimize it, then pay a cheap co-locating fee at a reputable data center. Not tech-savvy? Hire someone to manage it for you. That’s just about the only way to “guarantee” fast speeds.
    In the meantime, if you’re using a platform like WP, i’d recommend super-cache, hard-coding items in your theme which make database calls(like your blog title), reduce the # of plugins, get rid of (or move from the homepage) your blogroll, and host all your media files on faster servers whenever possible (i.e. pull that photo you’re using in the post from your flickr.com account rather than your server… trust me.. they’ve got a faster connection than your shared account does).

  27. sorry for the double-post, but i forgot about linenode and slicehost (and similar services):

    If you are tech-savvy.. i’d say go for a service like slicehost or linenode.com….. it’s about as down and dirty as it gets for linux vps’s… but the support is great, you can do literally whatever you want with your account…. and you can take even just a few of their smallest packages + turn them into a clustered environment, not to mention because you can pick which datacenter each one is located at, it also leaves open unlimited options like custom CDN services, backup nameservers, etc…. their forum is great, but their IRC channel is where you can find answers almost asap… however as I said, this is barebones, so if you’re not familiar with terminal commands, i’d stay far far away

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