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Matt Lenz, a web and graphic designer, has just relaunched WebRevolutionary, with a new design. WebRevolutionary hasn’t been very active since the end of last year, so I’m really glad to see WebRevolutionary getting back into things, seeing as it was one of my favorite blogs.

WebRevolutionary is a blog mostly focused on design, technology, and the web. WebRevolutionary is probably most known for the ColdBlue and Sharpfolio WordPress themes released in mid 2007. Most importantly, WebRevolutionary is powered by WordPress!

Now onto the design. It’s definitely something different from the last theme WR was running on. Even though it had Web 2.0 written all over it, it was still gorgeous. The new design is more minimalistic with only a few images and a couple of colors. Of course, I love it. It’s perfect, except for one thing. I wish there was a Categories section in the sidebar for easier navigation.

I’m really excited to see where Matt will take WR in the next few months. Maybe another awesome WordPress theme? Maybe even a Premium WordPress theme? We’ll have to wait and see.

7 thoughts on “WebRevolutionary.com Relaunched

  1. I love design – especially colors and minimalistic style but fonts are just to small in my opinion ( although I can change it using CTRL and mouse…)

  2. Nice site. It’s been a long time since I visited it, and had forgotten all about it.

    Do you really use the categories to navigate Michael?

    I agree with Matej, the type is a little too small. Blogs are intended to be read first and foremost, not just looked at.

  3. @Armen – Well yeah I do actually. It’s a lot easier for me than having to go look through all the posts in the Archives.

    @Matej – Yeah I guess you and Armen are right. He could probably pull it off with 12px instead of 11px.

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  6. The minimalist style makes me think about how many blogs users wind up looking at the design over the text. And is that a good thing. The small font does distract from reading. Making a design that people ohhh and ahhh about will not bring repeat visits, though.

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