WebDevStudios relaunches their website as a Twenty Ten child theme


WebDevStudios, the WordPress development shop run by Brad Williams, underwent a redesign and development during a 70 hour marathon last week. The new site is a child theme of Twenty Ten, the default WordPress theme that was released with WordPress 3.0. Regarding the choice to rebuild the site off of Twenty Ten, Williams said:

We’re trying to be neutral on the platform we build on, and Twenty Ten is a good framework for that.

WebDevStudios is most notably behind CollabPress (recently updated), and is responsible for a good deal of Genesis focused WordPress theme development.

Redesigning websites around the new year is pretty common amongst bloggers and website owners. Did you redesign this year? How often do you change up your design?

14 thoughts on “WebDevStudios relaunches their website as a Twenty Ten child theme

  1. Yep, I took the week between Xmas and New Year’s to redesign my site, too. It had been a while, so I suppose it was time, but mainly I did it to revamp my offerings, present much more on the home page (less clicks and hunting for info from readers), and streamline everything.

    I gotta give props to Soh Tanaka, too, since I ended up using three (or more) of his tutorials to add some features that really make some features pop.

      • Ryan, thanks for showing interest.


        Its got a playful theme as my son is only 10months old.

        When registered and logged in, I have a photo strip under the header that uses JS to determine the width of the clients screen which passes that off as a cookie for PHP to get the right amount of random jpeg attachments and displays them to the width of the clients viewport.

        Thanks again.

  2. Thanks for the mention Ryan! We had an awesome time redesigning the site. I’m most excited about the upgrades we made to the functionality of the site, including using custom post types, custom taxonomies, and menu management. It’s going to make maintaining our site and content SO much easier!

    Also there’s an easter egg on the site that has yet to be discovered. I wonder if anyone will find it 😉

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