WebDevStudios is offering a part-time position to a worthy WordPress developer


You might recognize the name WebDevStudios as the WordPress shop of WordPress developer and author Brad Williams, who we interviewed just a couple of weeks ago at WordCamp Phoenix. Or, you may know of WebDevStudios if you’ve paid attention to those making awesome stuff with WordPress the last couple of years. This week they announced they want to get to know you better too, particularly if you are an experienced WordPress developer; they’re hiring.

The position is for a part-time WordPress developer, experienced in front end languages (HTML, CSS, and jQuery are mentioned) as well as the WordPress backbone, PHP and MySQL. WebDevStudios has offices in Philadelphia, PA as well as central New Jersey, but based on the listing it sounds like they are comfortable taking a remote worker from just about anywhere.

For the full listing be sure to see WebDevStudios’ site. The application is on that page as well. If you head their way, make sure to let them know WPCandy sent you!

Just out of curiosity, how many of you have experience working remotely as a WordPress professional? Do many of you need to use WordPress regularly in an in-office capacity?

4 thoughts on “WebDevStudios is offering a part-time position to a worthy WordPress developer

  1. I’ve been working with WebDevStudios since June and it has been an absolute great experience.

    I work completely remote, and we all stay in the loop via IRC and Skype, which is immensely useful (and necessary) for staying connected to the other team members.

    If you’re a dev and scared that “part” time may not be enough, I can assure you there is plenty of work to be done. You’ll get out as much from WebDev as you put in. WDS has grown significantly since I started in June, so you’ll be joining good company.

  2. This is great news, as long as WordPress is growing and companies such as WebDevStudios are hiring its looking good for WordPress designers/developers,


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