We Love WP Redesigned


We Love WP is a niche gallery specifically showcasing WordPress powered sites. We Love WP has been around for quite a while now and was even sold earlier this year in January. We Love WP has also been recently redesigned again, but this time by famous Henry Jones. I must say, I do like the new design and I think it suits the gallery well.

I only have one request to the owners of We Love WP, please spell WordPress correctly. Thanks for fixing the spelling!

10 thoughts on “We Love WP Redesigned

  1. Thanks for sharing this site, it’s new to me.

    I wish the body copy on that site had better contrast with the background. I find it difficult to read.

  2. Ha ha, here I am looking for bugs in the site when in reality I didn’t even notice the biggest one. Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  3. just a note, maybe.


    suites –> suits

    as in: “I must say, I do like the new design and I think it suits the gallery well.”

    I’m not a perfect speller 100% of the time, and would normally have simply read over this. I simply found it a bit ironic to find a misspelling directly above a call-to-action to correct a misspelling.

    And yes, I too think it “suits” the gallery well.


  4. @Tzaddi – I think a different text contrast might help. I’ll probably test out a few styles. I love the feedback though, good and bad!

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