We Love WP is getting flipped on Flippa


The popular WordPress gallery site We Love WP has been put up for sale on Flippa. The auction appears to be going swimmingly, with the price already up to $13,000. This is especially interesting because the rule of thumb in online auctions is to never bid more than 6-12 months of a site’s revenue, and $13,000 is almost twice the net profits over a 12 month period. Some people must really see potential in growing the site!

Fun side note, this isn’t the first time the site has changed hands, we mentioned its first sale way back in 2007. I always find these auctions interesting because of all the details the site owner provides. It’s a unique peak behind the curtains of how a site works on a day to day basis. What do you guys think, is this a good buy?

9 thoughts on “We Love WP is getting flipped on Flippa

  1. On the post from 2007 (http://wpcandy.com/reports/we-love-wp-redesigned) it says “I only have one request to the owners of We Love WP, please spell WordPress correctly.” and then when they fixed it it’s crossed out and says “Thanks for fixing the spelling!” bellow.

    Now on the auction in the description it’s misspelled again, it says “Word Press”.

    Add the same line in this post 🙂

    • Ha, nice catch. I actually try to privately contact folks when I see them misspelling WordPress. It’s a community faux pas (and incorrect, of course) but it’s usually unintended and due to ignorance; if I can send along a private tip without embarrassing them I’ll usually do it.

      Granted, in this case it’s pretty funny to see it popping up again four years later.

  2. Interesting. I’d be someone is going to potentially use the name in a commercial endeavor. The site is well ranked and trafficked. But it’d be a great site for anyone who has a design/development business based on WordPress.

  3. I’ve bought a few cheap sites from Flippa (which are still sitting in my ‘to-do’ pile). And I also hope to sell some sites on Flippa at some point.

    ‘We Love WP’ does seem to be a bit over-priced at first glance. My guess is that the folks bidding up this high on that site must have some good commercial reasons, with a good business plan to back it up (or at least a strong vision and a lot of optimism).

    All-in-all even a good domain like that can be worth thousands of dollars (I have several myself). I haven’t looked at their stats, but if the site is generating substantial unique visitors, developing a community of followers, and has additional commercialization potential, then $13K+ is not a bad price for what is potentially a new startup business for some entrepreneur to get into the WordPress market with his feet running. More power to them.


  4. Actually, two years of revenue is a pretty common price to pay for web businesses. His reserve price of $20k is definitely steep though. I would expect it to sell for $13k.

  5. Buying such websites and domains does not always mean that somebody wants to start a business there. Sometimes you can prevent others from doing the things that you do on your domain, so in a way this could be called cock-blocking 🙂

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